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Operating room

Operating room

The surgical area consists of 4 rooms microsurgery, anesthesia and recovery room, medical preparation room, sterilization area, warehouse and storage surgery, rest instrumental areas and our medical group.

The operating rooms are specialized: 2 for Anterior Segment, Oculoplastics and Strabismus, quiroscopioc area for direct observation of procedures and closed television system that transmits the quiroscopioc area and Clinical Auditorium.  A room for Retina and Vitreous Surgery and Refractive Surgery room.


Each operating room has the necessary equipment for procedures performed there:


1 - Refractive Surgery - LASIK

2 - Phacoemulsification

3 - Segment above

4 - Keratoconus

5 - Vitrectomy

6 - Pterigion