Clínica Barraquer

Centro oftalmolÓgico

45 años

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Our expertise has made us the pioneer to export health services to international patients.
On the issue of Ocular Histopathology we constantly receive inter-consultations for diagnostic verification of global origin.

Ophthalmic subspecialties, such as oculoplastics, neuro-ophthalmology, Retina, Glaucoma and Strabismus are part of the value offered by the Clinic. This combined with the Optometry program, Corneal Transplantation with the existence of such on-site Bank Corneas Cobancol, Refractive Surgery Clinic, the Cataract Surgery program; the Priority Check Orthoptics and Unscheduled appointment area make this the largest ophthalmology center in Colombia and in the region. In the specialty of Oculoplastics, we have 25 years of experience which has allowed us significant recognition in the international market. We educate Plastic Surgeons, Ophthalmologists and Otolaryngologists in rebuilding Orbital and tear duct, plastic lids, conjunctive and ocular orbitals tumors.

Our Services