Clínica Barraquer

Centro oftalmolÓgico

45 años


Can I attend the clinic using my Public Health Insurance?

No, we do not accept Patients of Public Health Insurance.


Does the Clinic accept me using my prepaid medical entity?

In the Clinic we accept patients with the Prepaid Medical plan if we have a partnership with their company.  We have partnerships with: Liberty Seguros, Colmédica, Suramericana and Seguros Bolivar, Liberty Seguros, Colmedica, Suramericana, Seguros Bolivar, Allianz, Compensar plan complementarios: Acueducto and ETB únicamente, Coomeva, Medplus, Generali, Mapfre, Panamerican Life, Metlife.


What surgeries are covered by my prepaid medical entity?

All surgeries, provided in the patient's contract with its pre-paid is not qualified as a pre - existence.

The Pre-paid does NOT cover surgery for correction such as near-sightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism as these are classified as cosmetic surgery.


Which is the procedure to cover the medical assistance across my entity of prepaid medicine?

When you request your appointment, it is necessary to inform you want to cover the expenses of the clinic by your prepaid medicine entity. It is necessary to give your identification number and the contract number of the Prepaid entity, to be able to request the authorization and to know the percentage of the payment.


Which companies of prepaid medicine have partnerships with the Clinic?

Nowadays, we have partnerships with: Liberty Seguros, Colmédica, AIG Life insurances, Suramericana and Seguros Bolívar.


What is the difference between private practice and institutional consultation?

The main difference between the two types of ophthalmological consultations is that private consultations are done directly by specialists and Institutional Consultations are performed by resident physicians under the supervision of physicians.


Is an Optometric Consultation necessary before having an Ophthalmological Consultation?

No, you as a private patient can request a consultation with the ophthalmologist or only with the optometrist. The Clínica Barraquer as an ophthalmological center gives the more specialized attention to the patient, we work as a team. The medical ophthalmologists are the people in charge of the ocular well-being and they need to know about the patients vision before and after any surgical or clinical treatment; the optometrists fulfill the function to examine the vision of the patient.


Does the value of consultations depend on the doctor who performs it?

No, the value of consultations does not vary depending on the doctor who treats the query; the rates are the same for everyone.